Welcome to GOURMET TASTE Restaurant, located in the beautiful city of Qingdao. Our restaurant offers a unique dining experience, featuring traditional and innovative Italian cuisine, prepared by our highly experienced Italian Chef Stefano. Our staff is trained to prepare authentic Italian dishes to perfection, and our open kitchen on the first floor allows you to see the culinary magic happen. The first floor also features a bar for Tapas and Aperitivo. The second floor boasts a casual elegant atmosphere, comfortably accommodating 22 guests and an elegant private VIP room that can accommodate 10 guests. Our Manager Suki takes care of our guests and trains our staff to provide professional service. We offer an a la carte menu as well as Chef Special's, including a Gourmet 9-course tasting menu created by Chef Stefano. Our wine list features a selection of Italian wines, Grappe and Whisky to complement your meal. Come and indulge in the delights of authentic Italian cuisine at GOURMET TASTE Restaurant.

欢迎来到 GOURMET TASTE 餐厅,位于美丽的青岛市。我们餐厅提供独特的用餐体验,提供传统和创新的意大利美食,由我们高经验的意大利主厨 Stefano 制作。我们的员工经过培训,能够准确地制作正宗意大利菜肴。我们一楼的开放厨房让您可以看到烹饪的魔术。一楼还设有用于 Tapas 和 Aperitivo 的吧台。二楼拥有休闲优雅的氛围,舒适地容纳22位客人,还有一个可容纳10位客人的优雅的私人VIP室。我们的经理 Suki 照顾我们的客人并培训员工提供专业服务。我们提供菜单和主厨特色菜,包括主厨 Stefano 创作的美食9道菜品品尝菜单。我们的酒单提供了一系列意大利葡萄酒,Grappe 和 Whisky,以配合您的用餐。来 GOURMET TASTE 餐厅享受正宗意大利美食的美味。




Gourmet Taste is a restaurant that offers traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist,  is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal. The menu at Gourmet Taste features a variety of classic Italian dishes, all prepared with Best quality imported products and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Start your meal with a selection of antipasti, such as Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, Buffalo Caprese salad, Parma Ham and melon. For the main course, choose from a selection of Home Made Fresh Pasta dishes, including spaghetti carbonara, lasagna, and ravioli. For a heartier meal, try one of the restaurant's signature dishes, such as Beef Rossini or the Roman Style Oxtail. For those looking for something a bit more modern, Gourmet Taste also offers a selection of dishes with a contemporary twist. Try the grilled YellowTail with lemon sauce, or the Goose liver pizza. No matter what you choose, Gourmet Taste is sure to provide a delicious and memorable dining experience. With its combination of traditional Italian dishes and modern twists, Gourmet Taste is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

意中之味意大利餐厅提供具有时尚元素的传统餐品,坐落于美丽海滨城市青岛市中心,是您品尝美食的绝佳选择。 菜单中经典意大利餐品,使用高品质进口食材结合本土新鲜原材料制作。推荐精选特色开胃菜,如和牛生牛肉薄片、水牛芝士番茄、帕尔玛火腿蜜瓜等。 推荐精选主食为店制新鲜意面,有多种口味选择,如鸡蛋培根直面,千层面,意大利饺等。 推荐精选主菜为店制招牌菜品罗西尼菲力牛排和罗马式炖牛尾。 对于钟情于时尚元素的您,我们同样为您提供结合了当下流行食材的菜品,如烤黄尾鱼配柠檬酱、鹅肝披萨等。 总之无论你如何选择,意中之味意大利餐厅都确保为您呈现精美菜品和一帧帧美好回忆。作为经典传统与时尚流行结合的餐厅,意中之味是您和家人团聚,与友人畅谈的绝佳场所。

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