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 Dear Friends, we was planning to reopen Doc InterContinental after Chinese New Year, But due to coronavirus emergency situation all over China, to cooperate and facilitate government control, prevention and protection for customers and local community, we will be temporarily closed in Qingdao until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

INFO: +8615954207191

RESERVATION: 15954207191 / 68655888 / 85890526

Italiano Doc restaurant

1/F InterContinental Hotel 98 Aomen Road Qingdao China



Experience our Italian Food

What is the best way to know the country and its people if not through the traditional food of this country? After all, you are what you eat. So what is so special about Italian food?

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. There’s probably no one who wouldn’t know pizza and pasta. However, Italian cuisine is far more than the two. There are more than 500 sorts of cheese made in Italy, 300 kinds of meat products, a few hundred sorts of pasta and of course more than 2000 brands of wine. All of the very high quality!

Now we can say that the secret of unique taste of Italian food is in the highest quality of the products made in Italy, filled with the heat of Italian sun, and the skills of Italian chefs that respect the centuries-old traditions of creating delightful dishes that melt in your mouth, adding the unique yet authentic flavor to their creations with the secret family recipes. So next time you feel like having an Italian lunch or dinner, choose a restaurant with an experienced Italian chef like Stefano Sparacco who cooks with imported Italian products, to have genuine Italian food experience. It’s guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

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